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Migrate to Windows Phone 7 from iPhone: Applications

November 28, 2010


So after some snafu with Expansys and Rogers to order my Samsung Focus (I keep the details for another post), Friday evening I received the shipping notice of my device.  It’s time to prepare for the arrival of the baby… Like Laurent Duveau, a fellow .NET developer from Montreal, tweet:

Samsung Focus #wp7 user since yesterday. Hardware is amazing, but deadly missing the “Silent mode” button. In terms of apps I feel nude…

So here’s a list of applications that I used on my iPhone and of which ones are available on Windows Phone 7.


link to the complete list.

Some remarks:

  • Almost 40% is a good number for such just a new platform
  • Some applications are not used on a daily basis so it’s not a big deal if I haven’t them
  • Since it’s only the beginning of this new platform (1 month-old) I can accept that it will take time to get a good portfolio of applications
  • For  a majority of those that are note available there’s a mobile web client as fallback
  • I didn’t have time to look on if the applications are available in other countries
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