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Use the Bing Maps Control with Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools RTM

September 16, 2010
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Yes indeed it’s a long title! If you follow Windows Phone 7 news in general you should have noticed that Microsoft just released the RTM version of the developers tools. I  will not go into the details, plenty of blogs have done a better job.

In this release, Microsoft has included the Panorama and Pivot Controls in the Microsoft.Phone.Controls assembly and the Bing Maps control in Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Maps (and their namespaces respectively). The documentation for the Map control is not finished yet and refers a lot to the desktop version of Silverlight.

The Location API is simple to use… If you are lucky enough to have a device. There’s no official support for a mockup in the emulator but you can find on MSDN a great sample using the Reactive framework to simulate the coordinates with a text file. I just coded a page with the Bing Maps control, here’s the XAML :

<Maps:Map x:Name="storesMap"
	<Maps:MapItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding Locations}">
				<Maps:Pushpin Location="{Binding}" />

It’s very nice to see that the Bing control supports ItemControls and that we are able to template them using the standard XAML binding engine. I binded here only to the Location object but you can use a custom object to add some text or image.

In the PositionChanged event handler I modified the code to change the map location and to add a pushpin. To keep the code simple I changed the map view only if it’s a new location or if the new location is more than 100 meters away from the previous one.

private GeoCoordinate lastLocation;
public ObservableCollection&lt;GeoCoordinate&gt; Locations { get; set; }
private void InvokePositionChanged(GeoCoordinate coordinate)
	if (lastLocation == null
		|| lastLocation.GetDistanceTo(coordinate) > 100)
		lastLocation = coordinate;
			() =>
					storesMap.SetView(coordinate, 15);

Here’s a picture :

screenshoot of the emulator with the bing control map

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