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First Windows Phone 7 Device Tomorrow ?

September 14, 2010
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Tomorrow HTC will present to the press its new lineup of devices for a variety of OSes including Windows Phone 7. One of the devices, the successor of the HD2, has been renamed HD7 and if you still believe in Santa Klaus here are the specifications.

For the other manufacturers we will certainly need to wait until the Microsoft  launch event (October 11th). However various devices and prototypes have surfaced in the previous weeks:

The LG E900 and its cousin the C900 (with sliding keyboard) have been spotted with various casing (metal or not) and processors (1/1.3Ghz).

Samsung was one of the manufacturers who shipped a prototype to developers and Gizmodo got a photo of the “about” page of the GT-i8700.

We’ve also seen ASUS with this video but no details about the technical specifications.

Dell is also on the list but it’s a little more sketchy, with no real device spotted and some vague confirmation from them about their commitment to the platform. I’m not surprised since Dell has been on and off in the smartphone market in the previous years. It’s a little bit like Philips: let’s throw a phone in the air and see what happens…

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